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After some intense weeks (and nights!) of training, I was delighted to be nominated for Vice Chair of Communities.

I will also sit on the following committees:

-Buchan Area Committee

-Gypsy/traveller sub-committee

-Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan Member Officer working group

-Aberdeenshire Community Planning Board

-North East Scotland Agriculture Advisory Group (NESAAG)

-Vacation committee

-Housing fuel poverty and local/national resilience working group (observer)

-Live Life Aberdeenshire Membership and pricing working group (observer)

-Education Committee (sub)

A recent article in The Buchan Observer- here is the full version

Farming article 29.3.22 with quote.pdf


I had the privilege of offering my views on Education and the CfE at the Scottish Conservative conference. To sum up my thoughts on the SCU's Curriculum for All, I have made the infographic opposite!

I am so grateful for my #1 Dream Team.

Keeping it in the family!







Our beautiful woodland areas were left devastated after Strom Arwen, with greater impact felt by our residents with loss of power and damage to homes and businesses. This news report from BBC Scotland gives you an idea of the 'mammoth task' ahead

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